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Standards and Qualifications

We adhere to the following standards:

  1. The occupational health and safety act
  2. The IWH (institute for working at heights)
  3. SETA
  4. SABS and SANS
  5. ISO 9001

Our Qualifications:

  • Unit Standard 229998: Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at height (Level 1)
  • Unit Standard 230000: Perform a limited range of rope access tasks and rescues (level 2)
  • Unit Standard 229996: Rig working ropes, undertake rescues and perform a range of rope access tasks (Level 3)
  • Unit Standard 230001: Supervise rope access teams and perform advanced manoeuvres and rescues (Level 4)
  • Unit Standard 229997: Select equipment and rig ropes for rope access projects (level 4)
  • Complete First Aid Level 3