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Founded in 2009, Evolution Height Safety (EHS) remains dedicated to merging technical expertise with an unwavering commitment to producing top-quality products. Our focus is on minimizing risk and enhancing safety for those working at heights. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, we continuously strive to surpass our customers' expectations.

At Evolution Height Safety, our mission is to provide unparalleled safety solutions across diverse sectors, ensuring the utmost protection for individuals working at elevated positions.

Driven to exceed our customers EXPECTATIONS:

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ABC's of Fall Protection Principles

A typical Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) incorporates key components often described as the ABC's of fall protection.

The (A) Anchorage connector, (B) Body Support and (C) Connecting Device, when used together, form a complete system for maximum worker protection, but don't forget about the other important components such as (D) Descent and Rescue, (E) Education and (F) Fall Protection Solutions.

A - Anchorages

Anchorages and Lifeline are a secure point of attachment. Anchorage connectors vary by industry, job, type of installation and structure. They must be able to hold fast under the load of a fall, working in Suspension or Rescue

• Horizontal Lifeline Systems
• Concrete Anchors
• Roof Anchors
• Speciality Anchors
• Structural Anchors
• Anchors Straps
• Mining Anchors

B - Body Support

Crafted to adhere to the stringent SANS (South African National Standards) guidelines, our advanced harnesses optimize fall force distribution across the upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders. These harnesses serve as crucial connection points for the personal fall protection system, ensuring they are manufactured to meet and exceed SANS standards. Explore our Evolution Range for state-of-the-art solutions in fall protection that are meticulously crafted to the SANS standard.

C - Connectors

Connector elements such as shock absorbing lanyards or self retracting lifelines connect a worker's harness to the anchorage.

• Karabiners

• Hooks

• Rope Grabs and Lifelines

• Work Position Lanyard

• Lanyards

• Self Retracting Lifelines

• Vertical Systems

D - Descent & Rescue

Descent & Rescue devices are used to raise or lower a fallen worker to safety, or to retrieve him from a confined space.

• Confined Space Systems

• Penoguard

• Rescue Systems

• Rollgliss Technical Rescue Range

E - Education

Elevate your safety standards with Evolution Safety's certified height, confined space, and rope access training. Our state-of-the-art center provides hands-on learning with industry experts. Can't come to us? We bring training to your team. For details, contact us or visit our Education page.

F - Fall Protection Advance solutions

"The purpose of this document is twofold: firstly, to ensure that the employer is compliant with both South African legislation governing safe work at height and international standards, and secondly, to ensure the safety of employees who access elevated positions. At Evolution Safety, we specialize in providing custom safety solutions tailored to your industry needs. Beyond our certified height, confined space, and rope access solutions, we offer advanced systems such as walkways, cat ladders, safety grids, suspended platforms, and handrails. These additional safety features adhere not only to South African regulations but also to international standards, ensuring a comprehensive approach to workplace safety. Contact us for personalized solutions that prioritize both compliance and employee well-being."