Types of Harnesses

Harnesses are available in different types, with various features, depending on their intended use.

Below you will find a six variation guides to choosing the right Harness for you.

-Variation 1-
Multi-Purpose Harness

This type of harness includes front and rear D-rings and are ieal for use as a general harness in a variety of applications.

-Variation 2-
Work Positioning Harness

Work Positioning Harnesses have positioning D-rings located on the hips for use with pole straps to allow for hands-free operation. Harnesses of this kind may include integral waist belts and a positioning / suspension seat.

-Variation 3-
Ladder Climbing Harness

Harness with a frontal attachment point, for connection to permanent ladder safety systems.

-Variation 4-
Confined Space Entry/Retrievel Harness

One attchment point located on each shoulder strap facilitates upright retrieval from confined spaces.

-Variation 5-
Suspension/Rigging Harness

These harnesses typically include extra attachment points such as back, front and side D-rings which allow use i a variety of different applications. These harnesses are ideal for rescue, rope access and rigging as well as tower and arborist activities.

-Variation 6-
Speciality Material Harness

Applications such as welding and electrial maintenance require specialist harnesses. This harness is constructed from Nomex/Kevlar fibre webbing with specialised coated hardware offering fir resistance or arc flash protection.