Types of Harnesses

Harnesses are available in different types, with various features, depending on their intended use.

Below you will find a six variation guides to choosing the right Harness for you.

Evo Newbie 1
Basic Harness

The Evo Newbie Harness serves as an introductory-level harness designed for basic fall arrest situations, making it suitable for applications like construction work, scaffolding etc.
Manufactured and tested to meet and exceed the SANS 50361 standard,

H2 Higmaster
Basic Work Harness

The New Evo Higmaster H2 Range stands out as a versatile and enhanced basic harness, perfect for all-day work in diverse environments, specifically crafted for the challenging conditions of South Africa.

H4 Higmaster Range
The Evo H4 Harness, the ultimate fall arrest solution, combines all the features of the H2 Range with an added work positioning waist belt, meeting SANS 50361 and SANS 50358 standards for South African environments.

Versatile attachment points, including the back, and leg/chest strap adjustments ensure a secure, comfortable fit. The primary 3.2-ton webbing (44mm width) offers durability.
SO SO Harness
A new Revolutionised Harness
The SOSO Range, positioned between the widely acclaimed H4 series and the specialized Professional Rope Access range, introduces a revolutionary new harness design. This design departure, differentiating from both the popular H4 and the dedicated Rope Access ranges, is meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries.
Evo Professional
Suspension/Rigging Harness

Introducing the Evo Professional Suspension/Rigging Harness, a cutting-edge addition to the realm of professional rope access equipment. Crafted with precision and innovation, this harness is designed to elevate the standards in safety and versatility for various applications.

The Evo Professional Harness stands out with its incorporation of extra attachment points, featuring back, front, and side D-rings.

Confine Space Harness
Speciality 8P Harness

Introducing the Evo Confine Space Harness, an advanced addition to our professional rope access equipment line-up. This harness builds upon the success of the Evo Professional Suspension/Rigging Harness, incorporating additional features to meet the specialized demands of confined space environments.