Fall Arrest Systems

Evolution Height Safety offers a full range of Fall  Arrest System equipment specifically designed for working at height, where PPE safety is vital in preventing fall hazards and fall protection is necessary. 

What are fall arrest systems?

A fall arrest system is designed to protect a worker falling from heights. In the case that the working from height professional does fall, the arrest system will kick in and the person can be saved from injury or even death.

What is fall arrest equipment & how is it used?

Fall arrest systems are organised into 2 categories – general and personal. General fall arrest systems must be used in every circumstance possible, and include catch platforms and safety nets. Personal fall arrest systems require specific Height safety PPE and attachment systems. Each system should be used alongside scaffolding and should prevent workers from falling greater than 1 metre, or a maximum of 2 metres with a safety net.

What are personal fall arrest systems?

Personal fall arrest systems arrest a fall through the use of Height Safety PPE equipment. This can include:

Components Of a Fall Arrest Systems

Components of a personal fall arrest system include a body harness, lanyard, lifeline, connector, and an anchorage point capable of supporting at least 5000 pounds.

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