The Purpose of the Fall Protection Plan

The purpose of this document is two-fold: firstly to ensure that the emloyer is complaint with South African legislation governing safe work at height and secondly ensure the safety of employess who access elevated positions.

It is a well-know and accepted fact that working at heights is a fatal risk. Many workers have died in years past and the vast majority of these deaths were avoidable.

South Africa, and the southern African continent, are constantly developing in a number of areas and have been recognized as world-leaders in many others. This result in a growing industrilized base, are therefore a growing number of workers at height. Technology has developed where certain measures can now be implemented so that working at height can be avoided altogether, but only in a limited number of areas. Much of this techology is also finanncially out if reach.

The overall aim of this documented plan is to ensure that the men and women of South African industry are protected from the risks and consequences of working off the ground.

In compiling this document, a height safety risk specialist conducted a site survey in the areas designated by the employer and, drawing on a wealth of personal and corporate experience drew up a plan for safe working at heights that is both reasonable and practicable.

This document is to form part of the health and safety plan of the employer and must be available on demand for inspection by an inspector. It is also critical that both this plan and the risk assessment be reviewed as planned.

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