Rope Access Level 1


US 230000

Rope Access Technician, can perform a range of limited rope access tasks and rescues


Any person who would like to perform work while physically hanging on a rope, instead of using scaffolding, elevated platforms and or ladders will find the course useful. The qualifying learner is capable of:

• Preparing for rope access and assembling personal rope access equipment. 

• Explaining and tying basic rope knots.

• Performing basic rope access maneuvers safely on a pre-rigged double rope systems/course. 

• Performing basic rope access rescue maneuvers on a pre-rigged double rope system and explain the role of the team. 

• Maintaining personal rope access equipment.

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Entry requirements:

• Certified ID copy
• Valid working at height medical
• US229998

What you get:

• Certificate from IWH
• ID Card
Course duration:
• 5 days
Amount of delegates:
• 6-10
Validity of training:
• 3 years (IWH)